Saturday, September 19, 2009

I have not posted for a long time, but I do have a few quick updates on Ryan......

He's doing fantastic. Yesterday he weighed 13.08 lbs. WOW! The nurse couldn't believe how well he is doing. His oxygen level is great, his color is perfect, he's got baby fat, he smiles and laughs and is doing way better than any of us could have expected!

He is now off of the oxygen and monitor and is doing perfectly fine without them! No more trips to New Orleans.

Ryan gets his 6 month shots and check up this coming week. Can you believe he's already 6 months old? I guess it doesn't seem like that to us sometimes because he's only been home 3 months.

Ryan is doing physical therapy once per week and is progressing very well. The goal is to get him "up to speed" to his chronological age. We work with him at home doing exercises that the physical therapist has taught us. He's doing so well that they may cut it back to every 2 weeks.

Ryan also has a specialist that comes to our house every 2 weeks to check on his progress and he is getting ready to have a speech therapist check on him once a month to ensure that he is progressing as he should.

He does smile and laugh a lot. He seems like a very happy baby. He does sleep stretches of 6-7 hours some nights, so sleep for us is improving. He rolls over on both sides, but does not like being put on his stomach. Unfortunately for him, tummy time is part of our daily routine and exercise. He grabs at his toys, our faces, my hair and can hold is rattles and small toys. He also is starting to babble. He says ga ga or goo goo quite a bit and he also says bayoo alot. We also laugh because when he's hungry and crying it sounds like he's saying "hungee".

Well, I wanted to let you know how Ryan is progressing. I'll have some new pictures to add soon!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.