Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hello everyone,

We've got a couple of days to catch up on and lots has happened.

Ryan weighed 5 lbs. 1. oz. last night!!! He actually went over the 5 lb. mark on Wednesday night.

We spoke to the doctor today and she said that we need to be prepared for Ryan to be home by next weekend!!!!!
We were totally in shock because we thought it would be at least 2 weeks or more.

They are starting Ryan on 8 bottle feeds per day tomorrow, Sunday. He must do that well before he goes home, however, they are hopeful he will.

He hasn't had a bradycardia attack since the 11th, so they are going to try to wean him off the oxygen in the next week. If he can't be, they will send him home on it. He will also probably come home on a monitor.

We are so excited about getting so close to Ryan coming home!!! We are ready to have our little guy at home where he belongs. This week will be a very busy week getting things ready for him.

We don't have the nursery ready yet, but Ryan will be staying with us in our room for a while (especially if he's on oxygen and a monitor) so we have time.

We want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. They have helped Ryan get this far. Please keep them coming.

We'll keep you updated.

Lisa, Joey, Alec & Ryan

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Just a quick update......Ryan weighed 4 lbs. 15.2 oz. last night. He's almost at 5 lbs. I bet he gets there tonight!

The doctor said Ryan can come home when he can do 8 bottle feeding per day well. He's currently doing 4 well. It's completely up to Ryan. It could be a week or it could be 2 weeks.

He is also breathing better. We are very hopeful that he will not have to come home on oxygen. However, he will probably come home on a monitor.

I tried to breast feed Ryan for the first time last night. It went OK. He and I are both going to have to work on it.

Keep us in your prayers. Hope you have a great day!


I created another scrapbook of Ryan. This one has pictures that I have not posted before along with others you have seen. Hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hi! Hope everyone is doing fine. We hope all the mom's had a wonderful Mother's Day. It's been a few days since we updated so here's what has been going on.

Lisa had a migraine on mother's day and didn't get to go to the luncheon at the hospital for the NICU mom's. Alec was sweet and gave her a gift he made at school - a coupon book for special things. Lisa's migraine wasn't as bad by night so she went up to see Ryan for a little while and had a nice visit.

Unfortunately, about 1 a.m. (Monday) Lisa woke up and couldn't breathe, had tightness in her chest, and was vomiting. Joey took her to the emergency room. Thankfully, she did not have a heart attack. They were also concerned it might be a blood clot, but that wasn't the case. However, her blood pressure was sky high and they gave her some medicine, watched her for a few hours and then let her go home. They really didn't give an answer, but thought that it definitely could be stress. She's fine now and following up with the OB and primary care physician.

Now about Ryan...... Monday night he weiged 4 lbs. 14 oz. He's gaining weight well, even though he's still on the diruetic. Can you believe he has gained over 3 lbs. since he was born? He'll be (a real) 5 lbs. before we know it!!!

He is getting better at bottle feeding. He is actually getting a "well" score instead of poor or fair. They will try to increase his feed schedule until he can do 8 bottles and/or breast feeds per day. Once he has reached this milestone he should be able to go home. Lisa is going to try to breast feed Ryan for the first time tonight.

We are hoping he will come home in two weeks (Yeah, I know we've said that before), but it is looking good. He will probably come home on oxygen and monitors. We don't know what that entails, but we'll get training and support.

Please continue to keep Ryan and Lisa, Joey and Alec in your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you to all for your support.