Tuesday, November 3, 2009



We hope everyone is doing well!

We are revamping our blog to include the entire Fontenot family.  So please visit often to find out if we are staying out of trouble and what we are up to!  We will, of course, keep updating Ryan's progress.

Speaking of, Ryan is almost 15 lbs.!!!  He's come a long way since 1 lb. 13 oz.  He is doing really well, although September and part of October was rough with illness.  But now he is doing better and had his first RSV shot so we hope that helps.

Ryan celebrated his first Halloween on Saturday.  The cute little pumpkin outfit he's wearing in the picture is the exact same outfit Alec wore on his first Halloween.  Alec really wanted his little brother to wear it.  Alec is probably just about on his last trick or treat year.  He feels he's getting too old for trick or treating, but not too old for candy!  I completely agree.

Lisa is working hard with the retail store, ebay store and website.  The holidays are extremely busy, but she really enjoys everything she's doing.  It seems there are not enough hours in the day, but she makes sure she's makes time for her 3 boys (hubby included) and football. (LOL)

Joey is busy working on several projects and one of he's in charge of is really close to being completed.

Hope everyone stays well and has a wonderful week!

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