Monday, May 4, 2009


Well having a baby in NICU is definitely a rollercoaster! Some days are up and others are down. Some days you have ups and downs in the same hour. We got a few updates today on Ryan and we wanted to share.

First, good news. Ryan will now be feeding with 3 bottles per day. He is still doing fair, but is ready to try more and that is a good thing. It's something that puts him one step closer to home. Also, Ryan does seem to be holding his own temperature which is great!

However, there is another thing which takes him one step back from coming home. Ryan is puffy and retaining fluid again. This is related to his breathing and being on the mechanical breathing for an extended length of time. The doctors will decide tomorrow whether to give him the same medicine as last week or look at a longer term medicine program which will be more complicated. He has been having more problems breathing because of the fluid retention, which is to be expected, but he is being monitored closely. This is also why he has gained weight so rapidly this week.

Also, his weekly tests today showed he had low blood levels. He had this issue before and had a blood transfusion a few weeks after he was born. There was a follow-up test done today to see if he had "potential" for making a sufficient amount of blood and the test was good, so for now the doctors will keep an eye on him and retest him.

Please keep Ryan in your prayers today.

Thank you for your support and love,

Lisa, Joey, Alec and Ryan

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