Friday, May 8, 2009


Ryan and I had a very nice visit with his Mimi, Patricia Landry (Joey's mom) last night in the NICU. She arrived just after Ryan bottle fed and she held him for a while. He did very good for her and I got some great pictures, one of which I've posted.

The doctor didn't make any major changes for Ryan today. He's still on the diuretic which has made him less puffy - good news. He's still on low flow nasal cannula. He's pretty much making progress in baby steps, but he's moving forward.

I tried to bottle feed him last night and it didn't go well. There are so many things to remember i.e. hold him properly, make him relaxed, support his chin, make sure he is sucking, swallowing and breathing in that order all at the same time. It takes a little getting used to and I'm sure I will be a pro before he comes home.

Joey and I go up to bottle feed Ryan this afternoon. Joey gets to try his hand at it for the first time. I'll be sure to take pictures and update you on how it went.

I've posted a few new pictures I took of Ryan last night. He's really looking better now that he's on the diuretic. But he's cute no matter what!!!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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